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will talk about the forecast for the weekend and anything coming up next week. >> the weather is our big story. the rain came down fast and furious. >> residents are still dealing with damage from thursday's storms. sheldon dutes has more. >> the downpour of left much of frederick submerged. water levels were so high that intersections have to be shut down. the rain accumulated in this parking lot. all of this was on the heels of nasty weather thursday night. these businesses spent the day clearing away debris. >> everyone is cleaning up. i am trying to help the neighbors. >> five businesses had significant damages, including the manufacturers of this portable shed. several merchants reported flooding. >> once the water starts to back up, it is a constantly happening -- happens once a year, but this is probably the worst. >> a tarp covers the apartment building where wind ripped off rooftops. the red cross is helping displaced families. the storm system knocked down trees and made driving difficult. small businesses continue to assess the damage. >> the road is torn up. these will take w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1